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    The falcon that jumped out of the nest Sunday landed on the fifth floor of the WoodmenLife Tower and is fine. Raptor Recovery and Nebraska Game and Parks Commission officials said to leave the falcon on the 5th floor. Mom knows where the bird is and the young falcon will eventually fly back to the nest or to another building.

    Unfortunately I saw one of the chicks fall onto of the nest yesterday, around 730 am she was on far ledge lost her balance and jumped back in, she was flappin wings and attempted to jump back on the ledge but jumped over it!! I saw the wings flap for a second but it was straight down, I can only hope she was able to eventually glide down but I fear the worse, I currently only see 2 what happened to the other one!

    I can only see one perched on the ledge, are the other 3 gone already?

    When they first fly out of the nest do they ever return?

    Hopefully, somebody checks this, but one of the chicks, while trying to jump out of the box, missed and fell off the ledge.

    This happened this morning. Vid by MsRapcity1

    Have the babies flown the coop

    Is Mama still feeding the one who left and is on the ledge? We're relieved to know where he or she went!

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